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Stronghands 3D

Read about the mechanics of Stronghands 3D, and how it works.
For ease of understanding, the following refers to PLS and PLS3D (the Pulsechain deployment of Stronghands 3D) - generally, the same theory applies across all the chains supported by the protocol.

Deposit / Withdraw:

Every deposit and withdrawal incurs a 10% fee, which is distributed between all 3D holders, proportionate to the percentage of 3D supply held. For example, if a user holds 10% of the supply, they can expect 10% of the fees generated from deposits.
Depositing to and withdrawing from a 3D contract uses a 'bonding curve algorithm', which means supply of 3D is increased on deposits, and reduced on withdrawals. The result is an elastic-supply contract which responds directly to demand. As more deposits occur, the price of the next 3D unit increases, and inversely so, every withdrawal reduces the price / fetched value of the next unit.

Compound / Roll:

Whenever fees are distributed, 3D holders will see their earnings build up in the top-middle section of the page. Users can 'compound' (roll) their earnings into more 3D - this is in its simplest essence, a single transaction carrying out a 'Claim earnings and buy more 3D', as opposed to a user performing two transactions to achieve the same result. Compounds also incur a 10% fee (already calculated in the UI), as both Deposits and Compounds call the internal 'purchaseTokens' method of the 3D contract.

Harvest / Claim:

Whenever earnings are accrued from holding 3D, users also have the option to claim their earnings to their wallet. Harvests do not incur any additional fees.