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Stronghands 3D

This page describes how to get the best results using basic game theory of the Stronghands 3D contract.
Stronghands 3D is a powerful economic model of smart contract which supports a self-contained market maker algorithm (the 'Bonding Curve'), as well as dividends distribution and supply/demand response mechanics. Anyone can interact with the contract using any of the available functions - this page will describe the typical average game theory which one may decide to use.
Step 1: Buy 3D Tokens. - This step is required to start using the contract at all. More deposited base asset equals more tokens and thus, more earning power (keeping in mind, the 10% deposit/withdrawal fees and the mechanics of proportionate distribution to 3D holders).
Step 2: Compound to 120% of invested value. - Upon buying 3D, you'll be immediately at a negative index of 10%. To recover from the applied fees, you'll need to compound your earnings. Since withdrawals also incur a 10% fee, you'll typically want to compound your earnings until you reach at least 11% above your invested value (achieving at minimum, a 1% profit + ROI).
Step 3: Either continue to earn dividends, or sell 3D tokens. - At this point, you can choose to sell your 3D tokens to recover initial assets (minus fees), or you can keep your 3D tokens and continue to earn more dividends. It is important to remember, users can sell their tokens at any time, thus the price and value of 3D will also change in response.