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Generally, you are responsible for what you do. We make things we like, and we share them. If you insist on using them, know that doing so is like playing chicken with a fork and a toaster. Cheers!
'Stronghands Protocol', 'Stronghands Money', 'Stronghands', 'Don Function', 'MrFUNCT1ON' and associated handles / identities / entities are in no way, shape, form, tangibly or not, responsible for the results of any party using or interacting with any softwares, smart contracts, applications, APIs or otherwise resources mentioned within this documentation.
Cryptocurrency, blockchain and related subject matters are extremely sensitive and powerful at the same time, and personal operational security is paramount to safety in the field. It is the responsibility of every individual to ensure that they are 'operationally secure'.
Ultimately you are interacting with no other party other than the blockchain itself and are 100% responsible for your transactions. The Stronghands Protocol community is a decentralized autonomous organization and is never liable for losses that happen using any part of it.